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Reports and resources

Soil Health Research
"Newly released research conducted by NACD and Datu Research found that corn and soybean farmers who use cover crops and/or no-till can improve their bottom lines by over $100 per acre."

NACD & Datu

Economics of Soil Health
"Soil health doesn’t just make sense for conservation – it also has demonstrated economic returns for farmers... hear from eight Indiana farmers who have seen firsthand the financial payoff of no-till and cover crops."


Status of the World's Soils Resources
Prepared by the Intergovernmental Technical Panel on Soils (ITPS). "This document presents the first major global assessment ever on soils and related issues... The report is aimed at scientists, laymen and policy makers alike. It provides in particular an essential
benchmark against periodical assessment and reporting of soil functions and overall soil health at global and regional levels."


Soil Health Key Points
"What are the benefits of healthy soil? How to begin your path to Healthy Soils." A quick primer from the National Resources Conservation Service.


Why Soil Health? Soil health is a key economic driver. Explore these facts and figures, compiled by Land Core.

Land Core


Related press...

Wall St Journal

U.S. Farm Incomes to Hit Lowest Level Since 2009
"U.S. farm incomes will hit their lowest point this year since 2009, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said Tuesday, deepening pain in the Farm Belt amid a multiyear downdraft in commodity prices.


Can American soil be brought back to life?
"The shift he's talking about is a new trend in agriculture, one with implications from farm productivity to the environment to human health."

A Grassroots Movement For Healthy Soil Spreads Among Farmers 

"In American farm country, a grass-roots movement is spreading, a movement to keep more roots in the soil. (Not just grass roots, of course; roots of all kinds.) Its goal: Promoting healthy soil that's full of life."


High Plains/

Midwest Ag Journal

Twenty-six years later: How one Kansas farmer became a convert and saved his soil

"The journey, he said, hasn’t been easy. But Swanson sees changes across his fields... When he began no-tilling in the early 1990s, organic matter was at 1.9 percent. Today, it measures about 3 percent."

Herald & Review

Soil health protects farmers, taxpayers

"Topsoil erosion creates problems for the future of the fertile farmland in Illinois. The land becomes less fertile the more topsoil it loses. And erosion was at the most severe point in decades in 2016."


Farmers Put Down the Plow for More Productive Soil
"Such farming methods, which mimic the biology of virgin land, can revive degenerated earth, minimize erosion, encourage plant growth and increase farmers’ profits, their proponents say."

Corn + Soybean


Science shows building soil aggregates pays

"Natural Resources Conservation Service soil health specialist Doug Peterson travels across Iowa and Missouri talking to farmer groups about improving soil health. Most presentations include demonstrations that compare infiltration and stability of tilled soils with no-till soils"